Our early history prior to becoming a registered stud in 1979, was based on Hadden Rig and Bundamar until about 1970. At this point we introduced Collinsville Bloodlines to our flock and saw a dramatic lift in body size and constitution. Collinsville and some daughter studs are the source of SRS genetics and elite wools.


In 1999/2000 with the advent of in-shed testing, we tested every ewe and again took the opportunity to tighten our genetic profile. The emphasis at this point was not on micron as such, but good CV% in relation to micron.


Lately, a lot of emphasis has been placed on secondary/primary follicle ratio. The result of this approach has witnessed the micron go into freefall, while at no stage has any emphasis been placed on micron reduction. At the same time wool cuts are increasing with much superior wool type, and the sheep has a much improved drape.


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